NAA Release – Issues Abound

by | Feb 14, 2024

We were very excited to launch our NAA grips. We’d been testing both our grips and our new manufacturing method with success. And leave it to our first full production run of NAA grips for us to experience our first catastrophic failure.

What should have been over 30 pairs of grips was this-

Now, thankfully, I caught wind of this 2 days ago when these were being created, so I had things queued up with the manufacturer to be able to troubleshoot this, rectify it, and send repair parts ASAP.

But… ASAP could mean days, while you, our customers and supporters are without product. I share all this to be fully transparent, and to align expectations with regards to when your order will be fulfilled. I understand you might be frustrated, but I ask for your patience during this time while we get our new substantial investment back up and running. I assure you, we’ll get these going shortly.

If you would rather have a refund, I completely understand, and will issue a refund no questions asked.

Thank you all, we’re bummed this is how the launch went, but we’re excited to be able to get these to you all to enjoy. At this time, we’ve marked the NAA grips on backorder, and will change them back to “In Stock” when we’re back up and running.


Ryan Hamre