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NAA Release – Issues Abound

We were very excited to launch our NAA grips. We'd been testing both our grips and our new manufacturing method with success. And leave it to our first full production run of NAA grips for us to experience our first catastrophic failure. What should have been over 30...

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Manufacturing Upgrade

In January of 2023 the only thing I knew about additive manufacturing was 3d printing. And the only thing I knew about 3d printing was that you heated up plastic and squirted it out a layer at a time to make a thing. In March we started making and selling some 3d...

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What problem does a hook solve?

I've been in communication with some good folks, a conversation initiated by myself. I've been slow to respond to the last email, which contained the following: In full disclosure, I’ve not been too interested in the hook grip designs (Barami, DeSantis, Rogers, etc.)...

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Unconventional Means of Offense and Defense

One day as I was walking around a small town in Honduras, I saw a group of guys working on a truck. A few Hondurans had a long wooden post, and they were using it as a lever to lift the front of the truck into the air. One of the front tires was removed, and there was...

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