HF Spegel Boot Grip


In partnership with Craig Spegel, we bring you the HF Spegel Boot Grip: a boot grip that combines the comfort and traditional style of Spegel's handmade stocks with the availability and strength of our products. The stocks feature an iconic speed reload cut, which allows you to achieve faster reload times, and a texture that we call Roughout. However we not only offer a classic grip, we also provide the option for a Hamre Hook, which allows you to conceal your revolver with such comfort, you almost forget it's there.

These stocks come with the following Frame Style options:

  1. Low-horn grips: they fit low-horn (exposed hammer) frames as well as the Bodyguard and the Centennial frames.
  2. High-horn grips: only fit the Centennial frame (concealed hammer).

Additional screws as well as configuration and finish options are available as add-ons. If you have questions about the different options and more, check out our frequently asked questions.

Every HF Spegel Boot Grip purchase includes:

  • Your chosen grip configuration
  • 1x black stainless steel screw and hex key

Due to high demand, expect a 1 to 2 week lead time for this product.


Extra Screws
Extra subtotal:$0.00
Total price:$49.95